Must visit national parks in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka's national parks are home to plentiful untamed life, including elephants, panthers, crocodiles and a tremendous cluster of vivid winged animals. Camp on safaris and let the enterprise start. 

From Wilpattu National Stop to Lady Oya National Stop, here's the place to see it for yourself.

Wilpattu National Park

* Location: Puttalam


No natural life journey can be really experienced unless you go on safari and Wilpattu National Stop is no more bizarre to endeavors up to this point and you can make certain that panthers will quite often make a fabulous passage here. Wilderness fowl dashing along, peacocks on parade, a crowd of spotted deer all over, looks like yelping deer… Crocodiles sunbathing, flycatchers getting flies and different creepy crawlies, star tortoises, and stunningly expansive screen reptiles, that keep you wondering what on earth they've been encouraging on to get so enormous; elephants, make up just a couple of the inhabitants of Wilpattu. Situated on the Northwest shore of the island, Wilpattu National Stop is a ponder in its dry zone territory for creature and vegetation. The Recreation center is effortlessly available from Anuradhapura if going through the north-focal areas or from Puttalam on the western drift. February and October and thought about the greatest months to visit.


Yala National Park

* Location: Tissamaharama


Yala National Stop is the greatest and the most went by second biggest untamed life haven in Sri Lanka, perfect for reviewing the island's normal fortunes. It is Arranged around 309 km from Colombo along the southeast coast. It covers a region of 129,700 hectares extending Southern and Uva Areas. The recreation center comprises of five pieces, two of which are presently open to the general population and furthermore abutting parks. The pieces have singular names, for example, Ruhuna National Stop (square 1) and Kumana National Stop or 'Yala East' for the bordering region. Yala West is dealt with as a standout amongst other stops on the planet to watch and photo panthers. The best time to spectator panthers at Yala is early morning and at night. Youthful male creatures are not dread of the jeeps and regularly observed strolling along the recreation center. The recreation center is best known for its assortment of wild creatures. It is critical for the preservation of Sri Lankan elephants, Sri Lankan panthers, and amphibian winged animals.


Bundala National Park

* Location: Hambantota

Bundala Park

Home to clean wilderness, wetlands, tidal ponds, the salt container, sand rises and along extend of drift, Bundala National Stop's territory is honored with numerous appearances of the scene as one with boundless yet ensured fauna.  Known for its amazing exhibitions of transient feathered creatures, the Recreation center is an extraordinary companion to winged animal devotees from the world over. While looks of elephants are not as basic as the crocodiles (estuarine and also saltwater), much foreseen are sightings of deer, langurs, the tusky (also a bit tricky) wild hog, and even the spotted angling feline. Despite the fact that Bundala National Stop is a genuinely little zone of the asylum, about 30 square miles, its decent variety of species is rich and in this way can be a fast safari trip in the event that you need to benefit as much as possible from the island's wild in a short space of time.  Bundala is open by means of numerous beach front urban areas: Hambantota, Galle, Matara and furthermore through courses from southwestern districts: Ratnapura, Pelmadulla, and Embilipitiya. Chances to visit the Recreation center traverse consistently, with December being the month for fowl watching undertakings.


Minneriya National Park

* Location: Polonnaruwa


With a little more than 30 square miles, Minneriya National Stop is an excite stuffed contrasting option to the more tremendous scopes of other untamed life sanctuaries.  Made of prairies, thick clean, and the natural life that meanders their specific domain, the Recreation center is bolstered by its goliath supply which is additionally its life-blood, particularly in the dry a long time of June through September, which are the best circumstances to visit. An assorted variety of creatures wanders inside the region of the repository, as sustenance and water become rare somewhere else in the Park.  An absolute necessity see exhibition is 'The Social event' where incalculable crowds of elephants assemble close to the Minneriya store. This is accepted to be the most elevated number of elephants in a single place, which is the reason it is a sight that isn't to be missed. The Social event is otherwise called the 6th most prominent untamed life display on the planet and happens amongst July and October.  Additionally, deer, toque monkeys, and even the intermittent panther are a piece of the sightings at Minneriya National Stop. Transitory and indigenous feathered creatures are typically observed making great utilization of nature.


Udawalawe National Park

* Location: Sooriyawewa


Udawalawe national stop is 170 km far from Colombo. The recreation center is inside Ratnapura and Monaragala region. The national stop was made to give a haven to wild creatures uprooted by the development of the Udawalawe Store on the Walawe Waterway, and also to ensure the catchment of the supply. Udawalawe Stop is extremely prominent among nearby and outside guests for elephant viewing. This stop is home to the substantial number of elephants and the atmosphere in the parks is described by a regular precipitation and consistently high-temperature condition. Among different creatures are bison, Sambur, wild hogs, Crocodiles, toque monkeys, dark langur, spotted deer are basic here and he stops is home to the assortment of feathered creature species including Sri Lanka Wilderness Fowl, Dim Hornbill, Dark headed Ibis, Sirkeer Malkoha.


Maduru Oya National Park

* Location: Maduru Oya


Maduru Oya National Stop is built up under the Mahaweli advancement venture and furthermore goes about as a catchment of the Maduru Oya Store. It is situated around 300km from Colombo. What's more, it is put between the Polonnaruwa-Batticaloa street and Mahiyangana-Padiyatalawa street in the regions of Ampara, Badulla, and Polonnaruwa and stretches out to the fringe amongst Eastern and Uva Regions. 

The national stop was made to give an asylum to natural life, particularly for elephants and securing the quick catchments of five stores are the significance of the recreation center. It is one of the famous traveler goals for elephants' territory and spreads over a zone of 58, 849 hectares for a wide assortment of natural life including some endemic winged creature species and reptiles and also old remnants. A people group of Vedda individuals, the indigenous ethnic gathering of Sri Lanka lives inside the recreation center limit in Henanigala.


Horton Plains National Park

* Location: Central province

Horton Plains

Horton Fields National Stop is an ensured territory in the focal good countries of Sri Lanka and is secured by montane prairie and cloud woods. The Focal Good countries are the most up to date World Legacy Site in Sri Lanka. Engraved in 2010 the site fuses three secured zones; the pinnacle wild haven, Horton fields National Stop and the Knuckles Mountain Range. The recreation center is arranged around 200 km far from Colombo falls inside the Nuwara Eliya locale. This is the main Stop which is arranged in the Slope nation. Horton Fields is exceptionally celebrated for its all-encompassing grand excellence of the Slope nation. 

Three streams begin on the fields, the Mahaweli, the Kelani and the Walawe. The most staggering component of Horton fields is World's End, a 2.5 mile (4 km) walk, where the southern Horton Fields arrive at an unexpected end with a sheer drop of more than 2,600 ft (800 m).

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